Our group

Our experimental particle and high-energy nuclear physics research group at USM has grown from a size of zero at the beginning of 2008 to its present size of 8 PhDs, several engineers and technicians, and two dozen students at various stages in their career. We also have a well-equipped Detector Laboratory and an ATLAS Tier-2 Grid Computing farm.

Our experimental group interacts strongly with the local theory group which has more than a dozen PhDs and numerous students. Our physics interests overlap those of our theorists to a very high degree.

These two groups are part of a larger research Center of Excellence called the Valparaíso Center for Science and Technology ("CCTVal") which is hosted at our university. The CCTVal synergistically brings together research in experimental and theoretical physics with research in electronics engineering and high performance computing. 

The CCTVal center is funded by a large grant from the Chilean government (CONICYT funding agency), which is pouring a massive amount of funding into science and technology grants across the country. This is a visionary move to raise the level of knowledge and achievement nationally in a broad portfolio of strategic areas.

In response to our group's successes, the university has committed to building a new building to house the CCTVal, with the largest laboratory space devoted to our experimental physics group, for our detector laboratory. Two views of the planned new building are shown here. Groundbreaking will take place in mid-2015. 

Last update of this site September 2014